About us

We have been successfully conducting language courses since 2016.



Unique atmosphere, quick results

Bla-Bla School is a school offering Polish language courses for foreigners and English courses, located in the very center of Warsaw. Seven years of activity on the market has allowed us to gain a reputation as a professional educational institution. We direct our offer to individuals (children, teenagers, adults) as well as to companies and non-governmental organizations. Everyone who comes to us is surrounded by didactic care, providing lessons in a foreign language tailored to the needs and expectations of our students.

The mission of Bla-Bla School is to develop language skills and inspire students in such a way that thanks to the acquired competences they can easily achieve their professional and personal goals.

Classes, conducted by lecturers and native speakers, take place in a friendly atmosphere conducive to development. The fact that our courses bring quick and satisfying results is best evidenced by the high pass rate of state exams by our students, as well as their positive opinions.




This is what our students say about us

Great school both for beginners and for people with a certain level of knowledge of English, Polish, professional approach to teaching) Friendly administrator, quick and clear answers to messages, service at the highest level.

Passed the Polish language course A1. Now I speak Polish fluently with native speakers. Thanks for the help! An additional plus is the location in the center of Warsaw!! I am now planning to start the B1-B2 course.


Inspiring teachers

Bla – Bla School teachers have many years of experience working with students, they are very good at conducting both group, individual, offline and online classes. They take care of every detail in translating language intricacies, as well as a motivating atmosphere and clear communication. Do you learn faster using visual or auditory techniques? Is conversation in a group a big stress for you? Or maybe you are looking for classes for your child? In each of these cases, our teachers will rise to the challenge! The style of work of the teachers is always adapted to the needs of the students, and the lesson scenarios take into account individual conditions and interests of the participants. Numerous positive reviews from our graduates are the best proof that the English and Polish courses for foreigners conducted at Bla-Bla School are effective, interesting and simply enjoyable.

Michał, Ewa, Maksymilian, Vitalina, Ita – this is our fantastic team of teachers, whom you can fully trust!