Advancement Levels – Polish Language Course

Polish Language Course for Beginners

For people who want to learn the basics of the Polish language: basic vocabulary and simple grammar rules

For those who plan a longer stay in Poland and want to feel comfortable here

For those who want to start their adventure with the Polish language in a friendly, comfortable environment

For children, teenagers, and adults

The Polish language course for foreigners at the A1 and A2 level has been designed in such a way that people who have not yet had much contact with the language, after a few weeks of learning at Bla Bla School, can communicate in Polish in simple situations. We put a lot of emphasis on the communicative aspect: classes include numerous conversational exercises and are conducted exclusively in Polish.

  • Beginner (0-A1)
  • Basic (A1-A2)

Polish for foreigners at the intermediate level

For people who have mastered the basics of the Polish language and want to develop their skills in this area

For people who want to learn Polish in order to study at higher education institutions, in Poland or to obtain a Permanent Resident Card or Polish citizenship

For those who want to take the state exam in Polish at the B1 level and obtain a state certificate of proficiency in Polish as a foreign language at this level.

For children, teenagers, and adults

Prepare for the State Exam in Polish as a foreign language, communicate freely in various social situations, get a better job thanks to the Polish language course at Bla-Bla School. You will achieve all these goals in a motivating atmosphere, treating classes as a pleasure. You will see your progress from lesson to lesson, and a native speaker will guide you through the entire learning process.

  • Intermediate (B1-B2)
  • Above Intermediate (B2-C1)

Polish Language Course for Advanced

For people who communicate freely in Polish, but want to work on grammatical and spelling correctness

For those who, after completing courses at the B2 level, do not want to lose contact with the language, are willing to take up the challenge of improving their skills

For people for whom the Polish language is the main tool of work: editors, journalists, officials, trainers, lecturers, etc.

For adults

See how interesting lessons related to grammar or spelling can be, learn from highly educated native speakers, meet a group of interesting people who, like you, want to reach for more and broaden your horizons by exploring specialist issues. Sign up for a trial lesson and get to know us better.

  • Advanced (C1)
  • Proficient (C2)

To sign up for a course, make an appointment with our consultant. During the meeting, you will be asked to present your language goals and solve the leveling test.