Age groups

English language course for children

We invite children aged 6 to 13 to the English course. Our teachers have extensive experience in conducting classes for the youngest, successfully introducing them to the secrets of a foreign language. We guarantee quick progress and lots of fun!
3 age groups: group of 6-7 year olds, group of 8-10 year olds, group of 11-13 year olds

Polysensory method – learning English with all senses thanks to various methods: audiovisual materials, games and fun, manual activity, music and songs, fairy tales, stories, rhymes

Immersion of Students in the language – conversations only in English, the teacher addresses the course participants in simple language.

English language course for teenagers

Good knowledge of a foreign language is like an open window to distant horizons for young people. It allows you to travel freely, increase your chances of getting into your dream studies or getting a good job. With these plans in mind, as well as school exams, we have prepared an English course for teenagers aged 14-17.

Classes in intimate groups (2-8 people)

Inspiring, adapted to the age and interests of Students exercises, activating all course participants

Communication only in English

Preparation for the eighth grade exam


English language course for adults


Our courses at Bla-Bla School are dedicated to all people who want to start or deepen their adventure with the English language. Our teachers will adapt the course program to the needs and interests of the group, inspiring individual work at the same time.

For people who have not found themselves on any other language course so far

For beginners, intermediate and advanced

For people who want to reach their intended professional or personal goals, need to strengthen language skills

For those who want to improve their freedom of communication in a foreign language

Age groups in English language courses:

CHILDREN 6-7 years

CHILDREN 8-10 years

CHILDREN 11-13 years

YOUTH 14-17 years




The teaching methods used by our teachers are designed in such a way that each Student can enjoy progress in learning from lesson to lesson. With Bla-Bla School, you will quickly break the language barrier and start communicating fluently in a foreign language.


There is no room for boredom at Bla-Bla School! Our English language course is a guarantee of effective learning through interesting, interactive activities in classes. We provide all teaching aids and a friendly atmosphere.


Bla-Bla School is located in the very center of Warsaw, you can easily get to us by public transport. We invite you to our comfortable training rooms.

The English language course at Bla-Bla School will be a pleasure for you!