Polish language course – age groups

Polish language course for children


Finding yourself in an environment where peers use a different language can be a big stress for a child. Or an interesting adventure from which it will come out stronger! Our Polish language course for children has been designed in this way: Students gain language and social courage, spend a fantastic time in the company of people with similar experiences and learn from sensitive, inspiring teachers.

Division into 3 age groups: group of 6-7 year olds, group of 8-10 year olds, group of 11-13 year olds

Modern teaching methods, including communicative and polysensory method

Varied activities (games, songs, conversations, rhymes, manual activity) and class topics

Polish language course for teenagers

This Polish course is aimed at people aged 14-17. Its goal is for our students to acquire the ability to intuitively use the Polish language in everyday situations, without fear of making mistakes, and also to help pass language exams. From experience, we know that our students, in addition to excellent results in learning, inspiring experiences, also make new friends here.

Classes in intimate, international groups (2-8 people)

Own, original teaching materials, adapted to the goals and interests of the group

Communication only in Polish

Preparation for tests, exams and various social situations.


Learning Polish for adults


Our Polish language course for adults not only affects the communication skills of students, their self-confidence in social contacts, but also contributes to the implementation of professional plans. The program is always tailored to the needs of the students so that each lesson brings them closer to achieving their goals.

Inspiring teachers and original teaching materials – Students acquire knowledge in a natural way, with great curiosity

Creative acquisition of knowledge: modern technologies, discussions, games and learning through play.

Classes with a native speaker

Convenient location in the very center of Warsaw

Age groups in Polish language courses for foreigners

CHILDREN 6-7 years

CHILDREN 8-10 years

CHILDREN 11-13 years

Youth 14-17 years


How to start learning?


Arrange a conversation with our consultant

The first meeting at BLA-BLA SCHOOL aims to get to know your needs and language goals, as well as to check your level of Polish proficiency.


Come to a free trial lesson

First impressions are not everything. Check us out by signing up for a trial lesson. During it, you will be able to meet the teacher, methods of work, feel the atmosphere at school. We are convinced that you will stay here longer.


Sign up for a course at BLA-BLA SCHOOL

Choose the form of classes, and we will propose a group that best suits your preferences.

Learn Polish with an inspiring teacher, enjoy your progress from lesson to lesson!