English Language Course Warsaw


At Bla-Bla School, learning English will be a pleasure for you.

Our school conducts an English course for foreigners and Poles. We focus on practical classes, which in a short time allow you to acquire the skills of free communication. Lessons are conducted by native speakers according to an original method based on many years of experience working with students. Depending on your needs, you can choose an English language course taking place on weekdays (3 times a week) or on weekends. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that you will join a group appropriately matched to your language goals and level of advancement.

If language training has so far been an experience associated with boredom or frustration for you, you’ve come to the right place! We know how to guide you through the learning process so that it is pleasant for you… even exciting!

For whom will learning English at Bla Bla School be the right solution?

An English course in Warsaw at Bla-Bla School is a guarantee of quick results, modern teaching methods, cooperation with energetic, inspiring teachers, and the help of a methodologist who oversees the course of language education. In addition, you can count on comfortable classrooms, an atmosphere conducive to making friends, all materials needed for learning included in the price of the course. Still not convinced whether starting an adventure with Bla Bla School is the solution for you? This survey will help you make a decision:

You want to overcome the speaking block in a short time.

Language training in which you have participated so far has not brought satisfactory results. 

You dream of a new, better-paying job, however, to get it, you need to improve your language skills.

You care about gaining confidence in conversations conducted in English.

You are planning a trip abroad, and fluent use of English will allow you to better take advantage of the opportunities that stand before you there.

You care about intensive learning, giving quick results.

The convenient location in the center of Warsaw (Bla Bla School English school is located at Kopernika Street 30/329) is important for you.

If at least one statement from the above survey corresponds to your situation, learning English at Bla-Bla School is the solution for you!


Learning English at Bla-Bla School – the most important information


Bla-Bla School – an English school in Warsaw conducts intensive English language courses in weekend or regular mode, group or individual classes, offline or online. We want our offer to best meet the needs of our students.



The number of groups, depending on the chosen option, ranges from 2 to 8 people. Groups are matched to the age and level of advancement of our students.



At Bla-Bla School, professional, inspiring, experienced teachers – native speakers work. In working with students, they attach particular importance to communication, and the lessons are based on previously prepared teaching materials.


Business English at Bla-Bla School

We know perfectly well how important it is to know specialist vocabulary in order to be able to develop professionally and achieve increasingly ambitious goals. That’s why our classes include a course closely related to business English. During the classes, our students learn vocabulary and phrases related to such issues as: Sales and Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Finance, International Trade, with particular emphasis on practical skills in business communication, i.e. Phone conversation, Presentations, Job Interview, Discussions and Meetings, Negotiating, Business Correspondence. We dedicate the Business English course primarily to corporate clients. Warsaw and its surroundings – in this area we conduct stationary courses, while companies from all over Poland can take advantage of the online course.

  • Business Elementary (A2/B1) 45% 45%
  • Business Preliminary (B1 + B1/B2) 60% 60%
  • Business Vantage (B2 + B2/C1) 84% 84%
  • Business Higher (C1 + C2) 100% 100%

English language course at Bla-Bla School – FAQ

What does the process of verifying the level of English language proficiency look like?

Before starting learning at the Bla Bla School English school, you will be asked to meet with our consultant. The conversation is to serve both getting to know your language goals and assessing the level of advancement of English language proficiency.

How much does an English language course at Bla-Bla School cost?

The cost of the course depends on the number of people in the group and the frequency of meetings. You will learn the detailed offer by contacting our consultant: +48 792 765 335

How long does it take to learn English?

Our courses usually last 2 months and include 15-17 lessons of 1.5 h (2-3 meetings a week or 2 meetings on weekends).

Where in Warsaw do classes take place?

Learning English takes place at the Bla Bla School headquarters, right in the center of Warsaw (Kopernika Street 30/329).

Can I prepare for various language exams at Bla-Bla School?

Yes, we prepare for almost every language exam, as well as for basic and extended matura.

Do you conduct individual courses?

Of course! If you feel that 1×1 lessons will be the most effective solution for you, you can realize it at the Bla Bla School English school, under the supervision of one of the best teachers.