Forms of classes

GROUP CLASSES in the Polish language course at BLA-BLA SCHOOL

Everyone who can draw energy from other people, willingly engages in conversations, finds sources of motivation in the group easier than in themselves, knows that learning in a group gives a lot of satisfaction. Come to Bla-Bla School and see how effective and interesting Polish language classes for foreigners can be. You will see progress from lesson to lesson, having a great time.

Small groups (2-8 people)

Lively discussions, motivating to use English naturally

Games and interactive exercises

Possibility of building language courage

Course program focused on the needs and interests of Students

Experienced teachers and native speakers


INDIVIDUAL COURSE of Polish for foreigners

Individual classes of Polish for foreigners will work especially for those who have a precise goal to achieve and/or limited time. Intensive One-to-One learning and a lesson program tailored to the needs of the Student, allow you to squeeze the most important things out of the lessons: preparation for the exam, recruitment, an important presentation or meeting.

Maximum adjustment of lessons to the needs of the Student

Flexible schedule

The possibility to focus on those aspects that the Student cares about the most

The way of conducting classes taking into account the predispositions of the Student

An excellent option for shy people who find it easier to overcome initial resistance in speaking during meetings with the teacher alone

Faster learning pace


Learn remotely or stationary – as you need

Polish course for foreigners offline

For many people, direct contact with the teacher and people from the group is of great value. They find it much easier to break the language barrier in live conversations, they remember the material presented by the teacher better. If you belong to such a group of students, the stationary Polish language course for foreigners at Bla-Bla School is for you!


Polish course for foreigners online

Modern technologies, as well as the experience and skills of teachers, allow our Students to participate in interesting and effective classes, without the need to leave the workplace or home. Classes at Bla-Bla School will be a pleasant accent during the day, and you will see the effects after just a few meetings!

The English course at Bla-Bla School will be an unforgettable adventure for you!