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Bla-Bla School conducts effective language courses in an atmosphere conducive to developing skills, making new acquaintances, and broadening horizons. Get to know us better!

English Course

Do you want to overcome the speaking barrier in a short time and get a better job or travel freely? The English course at Bla-Bla School is the solution for you!

Polish Course for Foreigners

Learn as you like, gain confidence in conversations in Polish, enjoy the effective development of your skills. Sign up for our Polish language course in Warsaw.

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Bla-Bla School, i.e., quick results and inspiring teachers

Imagine that you come to a place where learning a foreign language is an exciting adventure: each lesson inspires you to explore the topic undertaken, and you quickly consolidate the information you have learned. Progress made from week to week, as well as other students who turn out to be really interesting people, make you can’t wait for the next classes.

And these are conducted under the guidance of an inspiring teacher: a person perfectly prepared in terms of substantive, full of enthusiasm and energy. It’s impossible to get bored with him – each lesson passes you in the blink of an eye. Sounds encouraging? You’ve come to the right place – the described place is Bla-Bla School – a school of Polish and English language in Warsaw.


Lessons conducted at the Polish and English language school Bla Bla School are based on an original teaching method, created based on many years of experience cooperating with our Students. It is a modern didactic solution providing the fastest results.



The Polish and English language course is conducted in small groups (3-6 people) at our headquarters in Warsaw. We also offer online courses and individual ones. We direct the offer to both private individuals and companies and non-governmental organizations.



What distinguishes us from other Polish and English language schools is the staff consisting of inspiring, experienced teachers. Each of them can boast a talent for organizing classes, from which Students leave filled with knowledge and enthusiasm.


BLA-BLA SCHOOL – a school of Polish and English language

ul.Kopernika 30/329
00-336 Warsaw

+48 792 765 778

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Bla-Bla School – English and Polish school for foreigners

7 years of experience, inspiring teachers, excellent location in the very center of Warsaw – Bla Bla School is the language school you are looking for. We are convinced that looking into us for a moment, you will stay longer. You will be delighted with the atmosphere during the classes – learning takes place through interesting conversations and exercises, conducted by inspiring teachers. You will be satisfied with the possibility of choosing the form of classes: online or offline. You will quickly make friends with other Students – people with various interests come to us, always very open to others. But above all, you will be impressed by the quick results of your learning!

In addition to classes for individuals, we conduct Polish language courses and English courses for business – we invite companies and non-governmental organizations to cooperate. Classes are held in small groups at our headquarters, the Partner’s headquarters or online, and the program is strictly tailored to the needs of employees.

Dzięki pomocy szkoły BLA-BLA SCHOOL znalazłam pracę i skończyłam kurs polskiego. Ukończyłam również politechnikę, wszystko dzięki znakomitemu zespołowi tej szkoły. Lekcje są ciekawe, przystępne i nowoczesne.



We teach as our Students need.

Uczę się w tej szkole i bardzo podoba mi się wszystko, metody nauczania i podejście nauczycieli do uczniów. Jeśli ktoś chce szybko nauczyć się mówić po polsku to polecam tę szkołę! Dzięki za to co robicie dla ludzi jesteście najlepsi!!

Саша Ка Е

Bardzo ciekawe kursy, miła i komfortowa atmosfera, znakomici lektorzy i dużo przydatnych informacji o Polsce i jej kulturze. Polecam te kursy każdemu, kto interesuje się językiem polskim!


English course in Warsaw

Our English language course program is directed to people of different nationalities who want to learn from scratch or polish their skills in this language. Classes take place in intimate groups, matched in terms of advancement level. Tell us what your language goals, needs, and preferences are, and we will find the right teacher and group for you. We can guarantee you satisfaction and quick learning results – our experienced teachers and innovative teaching methods are a guarantee of your success!


How do I know which group to sign up for?


We invite you to an introductory meeting. During the conversation with a representative of the Bla-Bla School English school, you will be asked to present your expectations, needs, and goals. Our employee will also assess your level of advancement and on this basis propose a specific group.

Is a textbook required?


No, all teaching materials are provided by Bla-Bla School.

How often do classes take place?


Lessons take place 2-3 times a week or 2 meetings on weekends, depending on the type of course chosen.

How can I check if your English course is right for me?


Before starting regular learning at Bla-Bla School, you can take advantage of a free trial lesson.

Polish language course for foreigners in Warsaw

Is the language barrier in speaking Polish a problem for you? Has Poland become your home and you want to feel more comfortable here? Or maybe a good knowledge of Polish is necessary for you to get a better job? In each of these cases, our Polish language course for foreigners will be a great solution. Starting learning at Bla-Bla School, you will get a chance for development, a guarantee of quick results, and the opportunity to meet fantastic people. Don’t hesitate, make an appointment for an initial conversation with a representative of our school today!


How to choose the right group?


All you have to do is contact us and make an appointment. During the meeting, our employee will answer all your doubts, ask about language goals, and assess the level of advancement. On this basis, he will propose the right group for you.

Do you provide teaching materials?


Yes, all materials needed to implement the Polish course for foreigners are provided by Bla-Bla School.

Is the schedule flexible?


Depending on your needs, you can choose a course taking place on weekdays or a weekend course; online or offline course.

How to check if learning at Bla Bla School is a solution for me?


We invite you to free trial classes, where you will see what work on classes looks like, meet the teacher and people who have already convinced themselves to Bla-Bla School.