Language Courses for Companies


Maintain a high level of motivation and engagement of your employees thanks to the offer of learning foreign languages. An English or Polish course conducted by Bla-Bla School is a passionate experience for all participants.


Thanks to language courses at Bla-Bla School, your employees will be able to communicate more freely with colleagues and clients from abroad. It is worth emphasizing that the language classes themselves have an integrative value for the team.


Employ workers in other countries, make your team freely conduct presentations or negotiations with clients from foreign markets.


Comprehensive services in the field of language courses for companies

If you are looking for a solid company offering outsourcing of training services in the field of foreign languages, whose offer is characterized by great flexibility, and the approach to the Client – a quick reaction to reported needs or suggestions, you are in the right place! Bla-Bla School is a language school implementing each project in a comprehensive way. Our teachers, always perfectly prepared for classes, are highly rated by course participants.

We conduct English language courses and Polish language courses for foreigners.

Language course with commuting for companies

Language training for companies conducted at our Client’s headquarters is a solution calculated for systematic, balanced learning over a longer period.


Dedicated project guardian.

The teacher’s commute to the company.

A test checking the level of advancement of participants of the English or Polish language course before the start of the course.

Course program taking into account individual needs and the specifics of the group’s work.

Teaching materials created specifically for course participants.

Full administrative service (including semester reports covering attendance, progress, satisfaction surveys).

Language course for companies at Bla-Bla School

Take advantage of this option if there are no training rooms in your office or your team is dispersed or works remotely. We invite you to the comfortable interiors of the Bla Bla School language school.


A project guardian who remains in constant contact with the Client.

Checking the level of knowledge of a foreign language by course participants before starting the training.

Language course program created based on the expectations and needs of participants.

Teaching aids and teaching materials included in the price of the course.

Comfortable training room with all amenities for course participants.

Administrative service of the training.

Online language courses for companies

Online language training for companies is an ideal solution for dispersed teams, but not only. Our teachers know perfectly well the specifics of classes conducted remotely: they use various types of multimedia materials and specially designed class scenarios to keep the attention and motivation of course participants at the highest level.


Classes focused on live language and active communication.

The possibility of learning at any place and time, all you need is Internet access.

Dedicated business guardian, overseeing the course of the course from implementation to reports on achieving goals.

Lessons are recorded, so a person who could not participate in a given lesson can listen to it at a later time.

Classes prepared in accordance with the needs and expectations of the group, based on direct communication methods.

Saving time and money: course participants do not have to commute to classes, no infrastructure in the form of training rooms is required, within one group, people working in different locations can learn.

Language courses for companies – our guarantees:


A dedicated project guardian immediately responds to reported needs and is fully responsible for the administrative service of training, thus relieving HR employees in this area.


Course participants will not only acquire the competences they need at work, but will also have the opportunity to participate in inspiring classes, integrate with the team, maintain motivation at a high level.


Our offer includes a full range of services: from online or offline training, outbound training, through translation services, workshops, webinars and any special language needs.