Levels of advancement

English language course for beginners

For people who want to start their adventure with the English language

For those who have had contact with the language before, but remember little

For people who want to start speaking English

For children, teenagers, and adults

Start your adventure with the English language at the Bla-Bla School course! We offer you classes that take into account your individual needs, conducted by an experienced teacher. Our teachers will carefully guide you through the initial stages of learning so that you can spread your wings and fall in love with the English language. Week by week, you will see progress in learning, you will start communicating in English.

  • Starter – Beginner (0-A1) 10% 10%
  • Elementary (A1-A2) 25% 25%

English lessons for intermediate learners

For people who know the basics of the English language

For people who have previously attended English classes, communicate in this language at a basic level, but do not feel comfortable with it

For those who have professional or personal goals that include a good knowledge of English

For teenagers and adults

Would you like to learn English with an inspiring teacher who makes sure you understand everything and can enjoy rapid progress in learning? Do you want to replace your previous experience of ineffective classes with an English course that works? Do you want to meet interesting people and be able to communicate freely in English? Bla-Bla School is the school for you!

  • Pre Intermediate – Intermediate (B1-B2) 38% 38%
  • Upper Intermediate (B2-C1) 60% 60%

English language course for advanced learners

For people who speak English well or very well

For those who want to maintain and also improve their language skills

For people who want to delve into the intricacies of grammar at a high level and learn specialized vocabulary

For teenagers and adults

Maintaining a very high level of foreign language proficiency is not possible without live contact with it. Thanks to the English courses at Bla-Bla School, you will reach the highest level of language proficiency. You will be able to freely conduct presentations or negotiations with clients, present scientific dissertations, make friends with people all over the world. The classes are conducted by a native speaker.

  • Advanced (C1) 82% 82%
  • Master (C2) 100% 100%

During the first meeting with our consultant, you will be asked to present your expectations and language goals. The consultant will also assess your level of English proficiency and on this basis will propose a specific group.