Polish Language Course for Foreigners Warsaw

Quick results, inspiring teachers, friendly atmosphere. Choose Bla-Bla School – learning Polish will be a pleasure for you!

How do we teach?

At Bla-Bla School, we work on all aspects of language skills, with particular emphasis on speaking. We base our teaching programs on the assumption that language primarily serves communication in specific social situations. Polish lessons for foreigners are always thoroughly thought out and carefully prepared.

Learning Polish for foreigners at Bla-Bla School – the most important information

For whom

As part of group courses, we offer learning adapted to age: courses for children, courses for teenagers, courses for adults. Bla-Bla School also conducts Polish courses for foreigners individually.



Polish for foreigners is an intensive language course, which usually lasts 2 months and includes 15-17 lessons of 1.5 h (2-3 meetings a week or 2 meetings on weekends)



The Bla-Bla School Polish language school is located in the very center of Warsaw, in the Śródmieście district, at Kopernika Street 30/329. You can easily reach us by public transport.


Learning Polish for foreigners at Bla-Bla School – why is it worth it?

Communicate freely in Polish

At the Bla-Bla School Polish language school, from the very first classes, we focus on communication and overcoming the speaking block. We limit communication in the native language of our students to a minimum. We conduct classes in such a way that everyone, in a safe, comfortable atmosphere for themselves, can spread their language wings! We know perfectly well how much depends on efficient communication: professional success, freedom in social relations, safety and precision in contacts with offices or health service. By participating in a Polish course for foreigners organized by Bla Bla School, you get a chance to quickly achieve these goals.

Prepare for the State Exam in Polish as a foreign language

For passing the State Exam in Polish at the B1 level, you receive a certificate, which is necessary to obtain Polish citizenship or a permanent resident card of the European Union. The certificate also facilitates professional development within the Polish labor market. People who want to study in Poland, passed the exam at the level of min. B1, exempts from the necessity of attending language preparatory courses. Thanks to the Polish course for foreigners, you will prepare for the exam, and additionally, you will gain freedom in speaking. You will meet interesting people with similar goals and an inspiring teacher who will infect you with enthusiasm and professionally guide you through the entire learning process.

Get a better job thanks to the Polish language course at BLA-BLA SCHOOL

The Polish course conducted by Bla-Bla School supports the career development of our students. Thanks to effective teaching methods, inspiring teachers and a friendly atmosphere conducive to establishing social contacts, you will achieve quick results, you will feel more confident, you will look more boldly at your professional plans. Lack of a barrier in communicating in Polish will be an important asset in job interviews, and then in building professional relationships. Do you dream of getting a better paid, more interesting job? Start learning Polish for foreigners at Bla-Bla School.

Learn as you need

Polish lessons for foreigners organized by Bla – Bla School are adapted to the needs and goals of our students and to the age and level of advancement of language proficiency. Our offer consists of classes taking place on weekdays or weekend courses. Do you prefer to learn in an intimate group, or take individual lessons? At Bla Bla School, you get both possibilities. If you won’t be able to make it to a given class, you can participate in it online.
Learning Polish at Bla-Bla School is a guarantee of interesting classes, conducted by a native speaker, with many years of experience in working with students.


This is what our students say about us

I liked everything very much, modern education, teachers know their stuff. Warm atmosphere and full respect attitude are even more fascinating. I highly recommend this school!


Very good school. The best teachers and always a good atmosphere. I recommend to everyone!!!


Meet interesting people - Polish course for foreigners

People of different nationalities, with different interests, sign up for the Polish language course at BLA-BLA SCHOOL, but one thing connects them: they are open to others and what they want to share with each other. We are convinced that by signing up for a Polish language course at BLA-BLA SCHOOL, you will not only quickly improve your skills, but also make friends with fellow course participants. BLA-BLA SCHOOL is also inspiring teachers and administrators who make every effort to make every student feel welcome and properly cared for. Contact our consultant and check what we can offer you.


Learn Polish in the very center of Warsaw

A Polish course for foreigners, which provides students with quick results, the opportunity to develop in a friendly atmosphere and meet interesting people, and in addition takes place in a convenient location, in the city center. Sounds interesting? Sign up for Polish lessons for foreigners now!