Why us?

See what distinguishes our school and what benefits we offer our students

Quality and established market position

We have made every effort to make Bla-Bla School a trustworthy educational institution, providing services at the highest level. We carefully select our teaching staff, we ensure organizational efficiency and atmosphere conducive to the development of our students. Positive reviews and increasing number of course participants give us a sense that we are fulfilling our mission well. 

Guaranteed quick results

We have designed the course program and teaching methods in such a way that each of our students, regardless of predispositions, can enjoy rapid progress in learning. We put a lot of emphasis on the aspect of communication, with the help of appropriate exercises we help to overcome the block in speaking. Thanks to this, our students develop language wings, they reach for their professional or personal dreams with greater courage.

Flexibility and individual approach

Both in the case of language courses for companies and courses dedicated to individuals, we can guarantee a high flexibility of our offer. This applies to both the form of classes (online, offline, group, individual, at the school or at the business client’s headquarters), and the program itself.

Friendly atmosphere

We are convinced that the best learning results are achieved when students feel motivated, interested, cared for, enthusiastically looking forward to lessons. What’s more, we know perfectly well how to provide such atmosphere! So we invite you to a trial lesson at Bla-Bla School – see for yourself that learning Polish or English can be a fantastic adventure!


Our classes comprehensively support students in developing their language skills: we put emphasis on breaking barriers in speaking, but we also polish aspects related to grammar, writing, reading and listening. For business customers – complexity means that we deal with the full language service of companies, we are ready to implement large training projects, we teach both Polish and English at all levels.

Attractive lesson scripts

Lessons of Polish for foreigners or English lessons organized by Bla-Bla School, have nothing to do with boredom or cliché. On the contrary – our teachers, creating lesson scenarios, always take into account individual needs and interests of the group, and use various activation techniques or teaching aids during classes.

Our Students’ Opinions

This is a great school. Qualified teachers. Interesting way of conducting classes. And to that, a hospitable environment, for which I thank the school staff. Good luck, progress, and success!

I really like attending your courses, and most importantly, I see progress in knowledge every day! Nice and cozy atmosphere, the teacher explains all the intricacies of the language in a very accessible way, which is very important to me!!!


Classes at Bla-Bla School – learn languages in a motivating atmosphere, forget about boring exercises.

Lessons are designed in such a way that they are interesting for a specific group, inspire independent searches, consolidate previously acquired knowledge. We use varied exercises and teaching aids, suitable for different learning styles: audio recordings, songs (for auditory learners), role-playing (for kinesthetic learners). In this way, at each class, students develop four aspects of the language – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


Our offer

English course

Take advantage of the Bla-Bla School offer if you want to acquire the skills of free communication in a short time, work with an inspiring teacher, effectively use the time dedicated to development.



We know perfectly well how to lead each Student so that they achieve their language goals in a short time. We invite you to classes at Bla-Bla School – Polish will have no secrets for you.



We provide full project service and lesson scenarios tailored to specific requirements. See what your company will gain by choosing a language course for employees conducted by Bla-Bla School.